Dream big, live simple.
Modular cabins for simple, sustainable
We produce high-performance, compact homes that let you escape the everyday to a space that is good for you and good for the planet.

Your base camp, no matter your mountain.

860 SQ FT
1080 SQ FT
Built to go virtually anywhere, our models are the starting and end point for all your adventures.
Вернуться назад
Вернуться назад

Two base models. Unlimited adventures.

Built better and delivered faster for an all-in-one escape.

why base
We offer a turnkey solution, prefabricated quickly and efficiently with innovative materials for a robust shell and a minimalist design.
Quick assembly, transparent process
Our prefabricated panel assembly allows us to deliver your home up to 3x faster than a typical construction. With a clear budget and a predictable timeline, you get less unfortunate surprises.
Climate-resilient, natural materials
The Base Panel System sets itself apart by using only high-performance, natural and local materials like wood fiber and hemp insulation. The result is a shell of carbon neutral wall and roof panels.
A home that adapts with you over time
With our evolutive Base Ecosystem, our homes have the ability to be expanded and upgraded. That means they can keep up with your evolving needs and budget.

Your space, your store.

Customize your home to best match your lifestyle with our pre-designed interior and exterior options.

Your pied-à-terre in the mountains, the forest or the country side.

why base
The cottage has evolved. That’s why we’re creating a simpler and more accessible alternative by building it better and faster, and by future-proofing it with our Base Ecosystem.
An inclusive model
Our needs have also evolved. New realities call for innovative solutions, and our approach aims to provide you the flexibility to live on your own terms.
More time to do less
An easy to manage home means less to worry about — giving you more time to do what you love with those you love.
Evolves with you over time
What if our homes could easily evolve with us over time? An extra module that attaches directly onto your home could become a personal greenhouse, studio or workshop.
Geared towards self-sustainability
You are the master of your own domain. If going off-grid and growing some vegetables is your thing, then we want to help.
A key part of your wellbeing
Allowing yourself regular escapes into the wilderness may be the real key to a good routine. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Sleep under the stars.

Either in the bedroom loft or the BASE I+ bedroom, you can sleep easy knowing your cabin is quietly working away to keep you safe and comfortable.

Do less, better.

Our homes are compact by design. With a focus on quality over size, we can offer a more tailored design with greater emphasis on the details.
Lean on square footage, big on quality.
Reduce your footprint without sacrificing what’s important. The basics, elevated.
Minimize the excess, maximize the essential.
It’s the little things that matter the most, really.
Do more, with less.
Less time for worrying, more time for living.

Frequently asked questions.

Base Habitation is a modular living solutions company, focused on rethinking how we build and how we live. That’s why we offer modular cabins for simple, sustainable living. We believe Modular homes – or prefabricated homes using pre-built modules – present a viable solution to address current housing issues. Moreover, Simple and Sustainable living represents a core belief of ours: reducing your footprint can actually increase happiness.
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Base is the next generation of modular housing using climate-resilient, natural materials to build a sustainable and adaptable ecosystem.
Here at Base Habitation, we believe in doing a lot with a little. We champion a return to the basics for simpler, better living. We also believe in a better way to build, geared towards today’s growing needs in order to weather tomorrow’s challenges.

We are from the North, based in Quebec, Canada with experience in harsh climates. That’s why we are designing a sustainable product ecosystem highlighting natural and local materials that respond best to challenging environments.

At its core, Base is an initiative to reconnect us to the wild, to our natural surroundings — to reclaim a sense of wonder of the world around us.
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Join the wait list and be first
to know when we go live.
Base is currently in its pre-launch phase. Fill in the form below to share your interest with us. We will contact you before our sales phase begins.